Picture of Tim

About Tim

Tim has a BA in History and Russian from Middlebury College in Vermont and a MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) in History from Boston University. He teaches US history at the Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton.


Lancaster Town Forest

Committee Chair

Chartered by the Select Board in 1946, the Lancaster Town Forest Committee is charged with preserving and enhancing the Forest’s ecological health, conserving the Forest’s natural habitat for threatened and endangered plants and wildlife, and promoting responsible uses of the Forest’s abundant resources for recreational and educational purposes by the Town’s residents, their guests and others. As the Chair, Tim helps the Committee carry out its responsibilities.

Grace Chapel


Tim is an active member of Grace Chapel and serves as a regular teacher in the discipleship ministry. In addition to leading inductive manuscript Bible Study classes and co-teaching classes on history and politics, Tim, with his wife, Paula, leads a Life Community in their home and are currently serving on the Life Community Support Team



Tim’s professional work has included leading sessions for local Teaching American History Grants where he has presented on the separation of church and state in Massachusetts, the role of religion in the Civil Rights Movement, and the role of race and religion in American political history. Tim contributed two chapters to Conflicts in American History, a documentary encyclopedia of American history on The Great Awakening and the Constitutional Convention. He has also collaborated with Paul Hanson on his book, A Political History of the Bible in America.  In 2016 Tim was recognized as the New England History Teachers Association pre-collegiate teacher of the year and was given their Kidger Award.